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About us

Welcome to the brand new site of the Fencing product trade company.  Fencing pins is a product used for temporary fencing  for darmers, road works, public events. Only few companes in the World makes these products, and we are happy to be one of them.

Fencing pins and orange mesh  is a quick and easy way to erect a temporary fence. One roll of Orange or Green Barrier Fence  and a few Fencing Pins and you can have a temporary fence erected in minutes.

Our company produces fencing pins for more then 7 years. With that time experience in the production and delivering to UK market we can offer you the best price for the best quality product. 

We are looking and hoping that due to economical changes in the world we will be no.1 producer in the UK market.

Our commitment – to be reliable and always-on time partner for our clients.

Our aim is to provide qualified services and assistance for our customers.